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Heaven & Earth Aikido Center offers instruction

in both the Classic Aikikai & Shin Ryu traditions.

Our Dojo supports a warm, closely knit family of practitioners

intent on improving themselves, and improving the world.

Current COVID Protocols - Updated 8/15/21

Training indoors is open to members who have been fully vaccinated and are not showing symptoms of illness. Unvaccinated Youth members should wear masks when training indoors.

Our Shin Ryu group currently trains outdoors.

"True Victory is victory over self"

– Morihei Ueshiba (O' Sensei) 

– Morihei Ueshiba (O' Sensei)  

"True Victory is victory over self.”  


Start training today. Call or email to request pricing. 


We welcome new & experienced students of all ages.

Heaven & Earth Aikido Center offers 4 training options, classes affliliated with the United States Aikido Federation, Children's classes,

Shin Ryu Aikido, and Zen meditation sessions.

During COVID-19 we have an ongoing Zoom practice

focused on weapons training, Misogi, and Aikido fundamentals. 


Outdoor sessions depend on temperature and weather conditions.


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Our instructors bring a wealth of experience

and insight to our training options.

We have practice sessions at all levels.


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of practice options available at Heaven & Earth Aikido Center.

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