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Welcome to our Dojo community.

Heaven & Earth Aikido Center offers instruction

in both the Aikido Hombu Dojo (Main School) & Shin Ryu traditions.

Our Dojo supports a warm, closely knit family of practitioners

intent on improving themselves and improving the world, through traditional Japanese martial arts practice.


"Aikido is Love."      Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

Introductory Special!


Take advantage of our limited time special. It's an incredible deal! You get 6-weeks of unlimited aikido instruction and a free lightweight uniform for only $199. There's no better way to start the new year!

Schedule your first class and select the Introductory Special during checkout to get fit, have fun, and discover the power of aikido!


"True Victory is victory over self.”  

– Morihei Ueshiba (O' Sensei)  


Start training today. Call or email to request pricing. 


We welcome new & experienced students of all ages.

Heaven & Earth Aikido Center offers 3 training options, our classeaffiliated with the United States Aikido Federation, Children's classes, and

Shin Ryu Aikido.

"Philosophy of Aikido is love... To tell is OK but have to act. If you train you must give yourself... We must help others around."

Shihan Seiichi Sugano


Our instructors bring a wealth of experience

and insight to our training options.

We have practice sessions at all levels.


Use the Classes links to learn more about the variety

of practice options available at Heaven & Earth Aikido Center.

Call, or text the number below, or Email us regarding membership packages.

We look forward to answering all your questions.

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