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Seminars & Events This Year

Each year, Heaven & Earth Aikido Center conducts seminars and events to share knowledge, honor those that came before us, and create connections. Our events are open to anyone above the age of 6 who wishes to participate. Our planned events for this year are listed below. This page will be updated as dates and details are confirmed. Click on the underlined heading below to navigate

Planned Seminars & Events

Each year, we gather together to train outdoors, camp, meditate, and make new connections. This tradition was started by Seiichi Sugano, who believed it was important to take your aikido into the world, build on your connection to nature, and learn to adapt your technique to the varying landscape. This year we are joined by Harvey Konigsberg (7th dan) and John Chiarolonzio (5th dan), who will be our guest instructors.

Sugano Memorial Seminar
Dates TBD

Brian Ericksen (5th dan), who founded Heaven and Earth Aikido Center,  was mentored by Seiichi Sugano -- a direct student of Aikido's founder Morihei Ueshiba. Sugano Sensei passed away in August of 2010, and we gather each year to honor his memory. We invite special guest instructors, who will be announced at a later date.

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