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7:00 - 8:30​ PM

7:00 - 8:30​ PM

8:30 - 10:00​ AM

 Masks are optional. Warmup prior to class times.


A traditional Aikido style taught by Sensei Stephen Gayer, 6th Dan.


As in traditional Aikido practice, they work with partners who are responsible to each other to foster learning and mastery and the avoidance of injury. They practice in progressive levels of intensity, non-competitively challenging each other to make progress in their ability to blend and lead.


Shin Ryu Aikido is affiliated with the Kannagara Jinjya under the Rev. K. Barrish, Shinto priest and head of Shin Ryu Aikido.

Sensei Gayer.jpg

Chief Instructor Shin Ryu Aikido

Stephen Gayer - 6th Dan, Rokudan


Sensei Stephen Gayer, 6th Dan, leads Shin Ryu Aikido. He began training in Aikido in 1966, under Isao Takehashi Sensei in Los Angeles, continuing with Sensei’s R. Heifetz and R. Kobayashi in California. From 1977 Sensei Gayer began instructing law enforcement, stunt men, celebrities and regular students. In 1981 he began training under Sensei Koichi Barrish.

Sensei Cohen.jpg


Neil Cohen - 4th Dan, Yondan


Neil Sensei began training in 1994 with Sensei Gayer. Awarded Shodan in 1999 by Sensei Barrish. Awarded Nidan in 2003. Awarded Sandan in 2007. Awarded Yondan in 2013.  Taught introductory classes at George Mason University and at Northern Virginia Community College. Currently, Shin Ryu instructor at the Heaven and Earth dojo in Herndon.

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