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Day 4 Sugano Sensei Remembrance: “Circle has no end and Aikido is a circle.”

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

On being a student. Sugano Sensei. Aikido is measured in years and minutes. When you start to learn you need years to see way. Student must focus practice after time. Three days concentrated Aikido is worth three years practice when one experienced. More becomes less. Student must focus. Breathing exercise/meditation. Sugano Sensei. Breath normal after you exhale. Most when you focus (is) end of exhale. Each time you focus is when your breath stop. In Martial Art kiai and when use kiai breath stop. Aikido not use kiai as it is natural breath. Aikido is continuous flow and not ending. Circle has no end and Aikido is a circle. Life is circle. Breath should not stop but get less or more. Life is less or more and so should breath. For meditation body should be fixed. Thought is moving and relates to movement of body, action. When fix the body the thought goes inward. We are not meditating to become Buddha. We meditate to understand ourselves moment to moment better so that we can focus on the physical practice. Day 2 Video:

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