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Day 1 Sugano Sensei Remembrance/ Why Sugano Sensei was Special

On August 29th, 2010 Sensei Seiichi Sugano passed into another existence. I am Yamada Sensei’s inner student, forever grateful to him having taken me as Uchideshi but I was also close to Sugano Sensei. He was and remains the living embodiment of Aikido. In the early morning hours, unable to sleep on the 6th anniversary of his passing, I tried to define some of the reasons he is so revered by so many who studied with him. Since his passing I have struggled to define Sensei to students but have always come up short. There was so much there, where does one begin? When I try it usually just comes out as, “He was great”. I have heard the same from others who studied with him when they try. Its like there is too much to say. …

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